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The Pied Piper began his song

The Pied Piper began his song… And the ears of all rats in Hamelin stood up. For no rat had ever heard a song so sweet, No rat had felt bliss so real
They all were lost in their own decadence Of eating, drinking and all pleasures oral… Became a part of the generation lost, Inactive, not by force, but by their own volition
But when the tunes of the Pied Piper filled their ears, It was as if a curtain came down And suddenly they were actors on a stage Albeit without any audience to see it all
And I danced in merriment, with joy of freedom, My senses soaked in this new rush of adrenaline. I cared not for the lures of the world, The music, the dreams became my only wont
We ran down the streets of Hamelin, Drunk in our revelry. We cared neither for the greatest cheese, or the sweetest water We cared not for the worlds treats
Yet now we have reached a turning point, Coz now I can see the great divide. The music of Pied Piper is less audible now, And more obvious is the smile of my comrades