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The descent into hell

The descent into hell does not start anyhow, anytime. It starts when you sleep at 3 every night and wake up at 10.30 every next morning. Groggy eyed, sleep deprived and for many reasons still dreaming. The use of word dreaming here is rudimentary, since there have been no established records of the word nightmaring. For all sense and purposes, dreams, whether good and bad, can be described with only the simple five letter word that has come to be the symbol of numerous values. Ambiguity of such level is not a surprising thing in our lives. Specially if you sleep at 3 and wake up at 10.30 next morning.
When you wake up next morning, your senses are numb. It takes time to get through things. Even bath is not enough to awaken you to life. In practice, a doctor can operate on your appendix, or a dentist can perform root canal on you, without you undergoing any considerable duress. Time though does not wait with fanciful eyes to streamline itself with your movements. And you realize that …


or Dreams of Fire...
-Because of Chuang Tzu and his sly Butterfly.
“1oo1 diamonds on the crown! A thousand which counted, And the One that didn’t count… But it did, it did… it sadly did… When on fell from skies, The tears of that heavenly clown”
The Cowardly Doctor: The army camp was sheltered deep inside the jungles. A total of one thousand and one soldiers, excluding the doctor, lived inside a tent during all time of the day and night. One morning, the Doctor woke up with an exaggerated sense of pessimism. Living in a tent deep inside the jungle dissolves all kind of hopes, but that morning, when doctor opened his eyes to the boiling kettle of tea outside the tent, he could feel a nagging sensation of dystopia. As if life as he had known it, was just about to be blown to pieces. It was precisely at this point, that the kettle of tea in front of him burst out in an explosion of fire, fury and a hissing rocket. They were under a siege!     He jumped up, alerted not by his sense of fighting …