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Eyes Cast Away

How do stories start? Do they have a beginning? If they do, then what happens before they begin?How do stories end? Do they conclude? If they do, then what happens after they conclude?How do stories live? Do they have a life? If they do, then what distinguishes them from us? Are they too able to breathe, hear, think, understand, complicate, synthesize, integrate, divide, multiply… See?Do stories have eyes? Can stories watch? Can they experience what eyes do? Can they too break down in front of their nemesis, fall prey to their enemies?Can stories also contract conjunctivitis?I did.I have developed a severe case of conjunctivitis. So severe, that I am almost blinded by the sheer force of water drooling down from the corner of my eyes. I seem to find absolutely no cure for it. Try as I might, the disease has gripped me in its pincer like grip, so tightly, that even if I dare to open my eyes for bare few seconds, torrents of water, pain, irritation and soreness flood in the two bulbous, …