Duryodhana's Dilemma

“Ow, don’t do that! It tickles”
“Oh… then I will not do it”
“So you were talking about some story… what is it? Have you written it? Are you a writer?”
“Yeah… I have written it, and yes, I am a writer”
“What is it called?”
“I call it ‘Duryodhana’s dilemma’”
“Hmmm… Interesting. I hope it’s not about religion. I hate religion”
“No it isn’t. Why do you hate religion?”
“Just… It’s so biased…”
“And why do you think so?”
“I dunno… Look at how it treats its villains. It’s not fair…”
“Aha… That’s pretty rich coming from you, I must say.”
“Well that is rich coming from a self professed writer in a brothel…”

Silence for a few minutes.

“So anyways, you were talking about the story. Duryodhana’s dilemma. What is it about?”
“Things beyond your understanding, surely…”
“Don’t be so naïve. Tell me. I’d like to hear a story.”
“I doubt you will be able to understand it”
“I might not. But you paid for an hour. We can spend that hour counting the silence. Or we can spend it in hearing your story. Anyways, does it matter to you whether anyone understands it? I am sure, all that matters is to write, not to explain”
“I must say, you have a pretty loose tongue for someone like you. I hope what’s loose above is tightened below.”
“That, you will discover for yourself. Are you gonna tell your story or not?”
“You seem pretty interested in it. I wonder why… Boredom? Or they just don’t fuck properly?”
“No. I am sure you wont be able to fuck the way they do. Might as well distract myself with a story.”
“You nasty little cheek. Bloody prostitute… Dirty shithole!”
“And you are about to insert your thing in that shithole. C’mon… don’t waste time, you don’t have all your life over here… lets do something fun. I am sure you might not have done something like this before.”
“No I haven’t. But I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell it to you.”
“Because A. I haven’t finished it. And B. I don’t talk while I fuck.”
“You are such a pussy. I wonder why all you intellectuals think that the world is too unreal as compared to your imagination. Get real for once… Face your incompletions…”
“I am facing one now. Incompletion as to why I ever chose to pay to fuck you. I think you should pay people to get screwed, the way you talk…”
“That is a variable. Lets not get into variables. Look, I know your kind. You’d love it if someone hears your story. I am sure you are as attention deprived as rest of your kind are. So are you going to tell it to me or not?”
“Its not that easy you know… Kinda diverts your attention too.”
“Yeah, well that’s the whole point, isn’t it?”
“Oh well! You have already killed the excitement. Fuck it. Strip yourself, and lie down.”
“I take that as a yes.”
“YES you shitfuck… YES! Now will you give me a chance to do some screwing?”
“As you say master.”

“So this is a story about Samir…”
“Ouch, remove your belt, its hurting me…”
“Don’t distract me. So this story is of Samir… Now Samir was a really nice guy… you know; a proper hero. Someone who had everything, yet felt incomplete…”
“Ah… you mean your hero… Ouch… yes, go on…”
“Whatever… And next time, I am gonna hurt you if you interrupt. So Samir, was very unhappy. I mean, it wasn’t as if he lacked something in life. He had everything one could ask for… Money, Family, Intelligence, Good looks, Social Status, Eligibility… He had it all. People in their community fought with one another so that they could get the first chance to ask him to marry their daughters. They tried to bribe him in so many ways… They offered him rich dowries, foreign trips, business capital…”
“Sorry to interrupt master, but aren’t we going a little off track here?”
“No we are not. Let me decide what’s on and off track in my story. So as I said, Samir was the hottest property around. Yet he was unhappy. Because he did not have one thing in life.”
“Ooh… ahhh… ouch… Lemme guess… ah… what that might be… ah… Surely, Love? ah ow!”
“I am kind of regretting telling it to you. Yes, love. He could not get love. But not because he could not find it. It was just blind to him.”
“You mean he was stupid enough to follow one girl! Duh! Ouch…”
“Yes. He was in love with a girl who did not reciprocate his feelings. Now shut the fuck up and listen.”
“Everyday, he would look out for. Like his world had started to live in the corner of his eyes. Each day, with surreptitious glances, and unacknowledged looks, he used to quench his thirst for her beauty. But how long can you live in a bubble? Someday, you are gonna break it. Even though you know you will regret doing it for rest of your life…”
“Philosophy! Touché!”
“One day, Samir decided that he had enough. That he should stand up and claim what is rightfully his. He decided to declare openly his feelings for her, and expect nothing but a yes in return. So this next time he saw her, he told her how he felt for her, and asked her to marry him straightaway. Now before you interrupt me further, let me also add that she refused as expected. And as expected, he was crushed!”
“Like you are crushing me right now.”
“Turn around. I don’t think I can continue while you are yapping like that.”
“And doggy will help?”
“At least I won’t have to look at you while I am at it…”
“If you say so…”

“But Samir was not a loser. He did not give up that easily. He pursued her determinedly, never losing faith in his love. But alas, poetic justice is never sweet. And life always has ways to trap you inside your own demons.”
“Er, the last bit was Greek to me. Can we talk English?”
“You are despicable in every sense of the word. I stop.”
“Oh don’t kill it. Why are you so temperamental? Want a pinch of salt?”
“Forget it. It’s not working out. I am leaving.”
“And waste your money? I am sure this kind of stories must not be paying well.”
“There is a level. A level till I can take crap. Don’t test my patience.”
“And what will a jackass like you do to me? I cannot imagine the horror!”
“That’s the problem with you girls! All of you, you are so self possessed! Can’t you think beyond your comfort for once? Can’t you stop screwing around and accept man’s dominance? Cant you accept that you are biggest mess ups, and cannot clean your mess without a man’s help?”
“Woo-Hoo! I am sure I don’t agree with that, but I wonder how Samir or you, or both come to this conclusion.”
“Oh its pointless arguing with you…”
“I wonder why… wait, I think I know… Because you are A FUCKING LUNATIC!”
“Now now… We might not want to do that…”
“Oh yeah? You chauvinistic pig! Filth!”
“Filth I am, am I? Lunatic, Chauvinistic, Pig, am I?”
“Every bit despicable as the spots of shit clinging on the commode”
“That’s it! That’s what the problem with you women is! You just are so self centered! Why, tell me, why?! Why do I find every next women cheating on the men? Why do you find a woman every next corner who is making fool of yet another man? Everyday that I pass I see yet another form of villainy in you… Tell me, why?”
“You are mad… crazy guy… Get lost!”
“No tell me… what is it about you women? Can’t you have a little pity for others? Cant you be sensitive to others needs? From times immortal, you have made us fight for your petty ends. We keep on fighting for you, with each other, with ourselves… sometimes even with god. And what’s the use? You just stand in a corner, and laugh derisively. And all this while we get lost in our own shells, fighting our own demons. But you wont help unless you are benefited will you? You will just laugh and taunt us, “Blind king’s son is also blind! Huh!”
“Tell me, aren’t you Samir? You are the one who has been rejected isn’t it?”
“That is none of your business”
“Hahahaha! A blind king’s blind prince! Wow! Frustrated Samir, lovelorn and ignored removing his frustration on a lowly whore! Bravo!”
“So what can I do? Tell me, what can I do?! Nobody is ready to hear the truth! Tell me, will you understand the truth if I told you that Samir was a shallow loser, and not an achiever or a hero? Would you sympathize with him if I told you that all he did for living was selling porn to young teenagers? Does it make him less of a human if he is sexually uncontrolled? Is he not treated unfairly when a girl stubbornly refuses love? Is he not vindicated when he rapes that girl and kills her? Does he not deserve justice???”
“You what?! You raped that girl and killed her? Why?!”
“Wha…what? Who… who raped? Who said I raped her… I did not… you are wrong… who are you to accuse me…? Don’t come near me, or I’ll kill you…. I did no wrong… why are you looking at me like that…?”
“Get out Samir! Get lost from here and never lay your fucking shadow anywhere near a girl…”
“Now we won’t like to do that… don’t try to act too smart…”
“Samir, I am warning you… get lost before I make a complaint in the police…”
“And you think they will believe your testimony? A stupid whore! You got some sense of humor!”
“Why! Why did you do it! Why?”
“Because she deserved it. Because she needed to learn to bear pain and insult if she was openly dishing it out to me.”
“Samir, I request you, leave this place. I do not want to be involved… just go…”
“You filthy hypocrite! You fucking woman! I wont leave you… You must understand the sweet taste of justice… you must see the optical illusions of the real Indraprastha. And realize how painful it is to see your world fall down in laughter…”


Scary, really. The prospect of latent murderers, spurned lovers- is it justified?
Doctor Helmet said…
The point was to show that there is a build up to everything... Even rape. Madmen also have their reasons to do crazy things.
Nutee's said…
hey ,
u know this sounds like a perfect story for a movie like sin city 2 !!!
i loved it ... the premise is a little off but the point is not !

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