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Bhivpuri Waterfall Rapelling


Duryodhana's Dilemma

“Ow, don’t do that! It tickles”
“Oh… then I will not do it”
“So you were talking about some story… what is it? Have you written it? Are you a writer?”
“Yeah… I have written it, and yes, I am a writer”
“What is it called?”
“I call it ‘Duryodhana’s dilemma’”
“Hmmm… Interesting. I hope it’s not about religion. I hate religion”
“No it isn’t. Why do you hate religion?”
“Just… It’s so biased…”
“And why do you think so?”
“I dunno… Look at how it treats its villains. It’s not fair…”
“Aha… That’s pretty rich coming from you, I must say.”
“Well that is rich coming from a self professed writer in a brothel…”

Silence for a few minutes.

“So anyways, you were talking about the story. Duryodhana’s dilemma. What is it about?”
“Things beyond your understanding, surely…”
“Don’t be so na├»ve. Tell me. I’d like to hear a story.”
“I doubt you will be able to understand it”
“I might not. But you paid for an hour. We can spend that hour counting the silence. Or we can spend it in hearing your story. Anyways, does it matter to…