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Across the Arch

1. Love: Bites; Eats, and doesn’t even Burp! Ok, its pretty long on the outset, longest I have written till now, but this is just the first installment. Now dont raise your eyebrows, I have been writing this thing only since past 4 months (not to mention that I have been composing all of this and the next 2/3 installments since over a year now) So you can understand a lot of me has gone into it. I just expect a patient reading from your side. I could have published this earlier, but I am doing so now, knowing you guys will be free right now. I assure you its not as big as Gone with the Winds (And not remotely as hard) to read this. Enjoy. :)
The room of Mirror’s is a wonder to behold, because in the room of Mirror’s, you are completely naked even if you have donned a space-suit. This room, through the tyrannies of its occult powers, pierces through the body, and reaches deep down, right to your core, where defenseless and weak, a light illuminates through you, clearing everything from …