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Love - Less

I once knelt down,And offered my prayer to the tree.I saw God’s reflection in the clouds then,I felt Gods touch in the breeze.
But today when I went back,I saw emptiness and desolation,A cloudless and dark, wistful sky,No longer inspiring, no longer free.
In these highways where God used to reside,And doesn’t do anymore;Has the world become too loveless,Or is it just me?
I once dived in,Lost myself in those eyes.I saw the flower of love blooming then,And heard the truths beneath the lies.
But that sparkle that charm,Lasted not long, died like a bee.No longer does it house the brightness,No longer does it host felicity.
In these barren, fallow glades of solitude,Where eyes don’t sparkle anymore.Has the world become too loveless,Or is it just me?
I once was a different man,Made up of softer; greater things.Temples of my courtyard used to flourish,And bells of faith used to ring.
But now the time, the world does not permit,For innocence to breed in me.Coz no longer do the bribes suffice,And no …

Eyes Cast Away

How do stories start? Do they have a beginning? If they do, then what happens before they begin?How do stories end? Do they conclude? If they do, then what happens after they conclude?How do stories live? Do they have a life? If they do, then what distinguishes them from us? Are they too able to breathe, hear, think, understand, complicate, synthesize, integrate, divide, multiply… See?Do stories have eyes? Can stories watch? Can they experience what eyes do? Can they too break down in front of their nemesis, fall prey to their enemies?Can stories also contract conjunctivitis?I did.I have developed a severe case of conjunctivitis. So severe, that I am almost blinded by the sheer force of water drooling down from the corner of my eyes. I seem to find absolutely no cure for it. Try as I might, the disease has gripped me in its pincer like grip, so tightly, that even if I dare to open my eyes for bare few seconds, torrents of water, pain, irritation and soreness flood in the two bulbous, …

Bhivpuri Waterfall Rapelling


Duryodhana's Dilemma

“Ow, don’t do that! It tickles”
“Oh… then I will not do it”
“So you were talking about some story… what is it? Have you written it? Are you a writer?”
“Yeah… I have written it, and yes, I am a writer”
“What is it called?”
“I call it ‘Duryodhana’s dilemma’”
“Hmmm… Interesting. I hope it’s not about religion. I hate religion”
“No it isn’t. Why do you hate religion?”
“Just… It’s so biased…”
“And why do you think so?”
“I dunno… Look at how it treats its villains. It’s not fair…”
“Aha… That’s pretty rich coming from you, I must say.”
“Well that is rich coming from a self professed writer in a brothel…”

Silence for a few minutes.

“So anyways, you were talking about the story. Duryodhana’s dilemma. What is it about?”
“Things beyond your understanding, surely…”
“Don’t be so na├»ve. Tell me. I’d like to hear a story.”
“I doubt you will be able to understand it”
“I might not. But you paid for an hour. We can spend that hour counting the silence. Or we can spend it in hearing your story. Anyways, does it matter to…

Across the Arch

1. Love: Bites; Eats, and doesn’t even Burp! Ok, its pretty long on the outset, longest I have written till now, but this is just the first installment. Now dont raise your eyebrows, I have been writing this thing only since past 4 months (not to mention that I have been composing all of this and the next 2/3 installments since over a year now) So you can understand a lot of me has gone into it. I just expect a patient reading from your side. I could have published this earlier, but I am doing so now, knowing you guys will be free right now. I assure you its not as big as Gone with the Winds (And not remotely as hard) to read this. Enjoy. :)
The room of Mirror’s is a wonder to behold, because in the room of Mirror’s, you are completely naked even if you have donned a space-suit. This room, through the tyrannies of its occult powers, pierces through the body, and reaches deep down, right to your core, where defenseless and weak, a light illuminates through you, clearing everything from …