The White robed Savior

The darkness was unfolding,

Like spiraling coils of smoke,

Of untouched vagueness in unseen.


There was no light on the street,

Neither in the heart of the traveler,

He was, but, Alone, desolate and lost.


Not in the sense of direction,

Not in the way of destination,

Lost; without any purpose or a goal.


He fell down on his knees

His head prostrated,

Not to the god he was searching,

Not the solace he was seeking.


Stars twinkled from the diamond studded sky,

Winking, as if mocking

His failure, his frustration

In naughtiness, they exposed that harsh truth


He sighed, and exhaled,

A deep sonorous breath

Which resounded deeply in his ears.


He was shocked,

By the hollowness in it!!!

Is this what faith had reduced him to?


He was tracing, the footsteps taught, wasn’t he?

Will the promises be retracted, now?

Did this road never lead to that ultimate destiny?


He was exhausted… and consumed,

By fear of failure… of purposelessness

He sighed again, not out of pity for self,

But for remorse for that to come by.


He prayed then, for the next traveler,

He wished he will turn midway,

To achieve those lands, those skies

And that one shining hope of ray


But then, at the far end of the road,

Appeared the man in white robe

His face gleaming with a blithe smile,

His aura glowing over the mile.


He came, and picked the man

Embraced him lightly and whispered silently




‘What thy wish for, thou gain’

’Cause this journey is not easy; not without the pain

And thus thou deeds come back again

Whatever thou wish for; joy or vain.’


‘And you my friend, unlocked the door right now

When you prayed, not for yourself, but for the friend unknown

And the tear you shed has melt the world

For you have gained what they search all along.’


‘So walk in, come with me

To the paradise lost

So we experience the bliss

And retrace the road’


‘To heaven, peace and solitude.

To fulfillment, pleasure and salvation

We reach the doors of unknown and know it

Only to lock it back again to re-explore.’


And thus he went along, never turning back,

Finding his destiny at the edge of the road.

Just when he thought there was journey no more.



Ritika said…
well.. by reading your true and practical life based poem my eternal soul felt to be a traveller who gets frustated without any reason...

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