Quenching the thirst of love...

I had traversed through the heathen realms of this asphyxiating world… I had crossed the seven seas of obstacles of this universe but my attempts in search for you went futile as it were. I had been failed, completely derided off my objective; mocked and trampled down upon by this cruel world. They laughed at me at my utter failure; they made fun of me at our separation. I was in disdain, left without grace or any supplication for survival. I am lost, o love, ‘coz this world has failed me, and has leaded me to my failure… I have been searching for long and yet devoid of your heart-warming countenance...

In your search, my love, I have been kicked and butted everywhere. Disgusted and frustrated, I have been thrown away and shown the door at every place I went for help. I have not been spared of single cause worthy of humiliation; yet don’t worry my love, I will persevere throughout. The flame of love that burns inside me will either immolate me, or incinerate this world at large. Our love shall lead this blind and uninitiated world to their destiny. Our love will pave path for them to realize love’s power. Our reunion will once again create history, as it creates every time we come together… don’t be in vain my love, I’ll tear down the three worlds apart, but not rest until I have finally laid my eyes on you.

And then whilst I was crossing the sun baked road of communion of the life, I saw you across the borderline and once again the thrill pounded my heart. Once again, my lips went dry in your thirst, and my throat screamed, willed to drink the immortal elixir through yours. I started to cross that golden hued street of rush, which had stopped suddenly to witness the marvel of our union!

But then, O my goodness, how bloody cruel can the creation be, because it sent the red wagon to carry you away from me, and once again we were separated in spite of being so near! I shouted in despair, I exclaimed in helplessness, I ran, I ran and ran behind you feeling you wanting you needing you yearning for you, yet still unbelievably away from you, so away yet so near, my fingers inches away from your neck, yet time and speed making a mockery of me again, and rushing ahead and ahead creating a void between us, a void I unsuccessfully kept on trying to fill, yet still maintaining to keep myself as distant from you as ever, and running and running I feel the scorching heat burn away the world, tear apart the land and redden the rust laden skies from which no tears of hope were ready to fall and cool down the aggravation of its child. But still I had to keep up with you, as fatigued and pained I was. And keep up I did, and still loitered in my ache, my throat burning in your desire, my heart melting at the torture of our distance and my lips thirsting for contact with you. I run and halt and breathe and exhale and sweat drop falls from my chin and Splash! it makes as my feet thumps on the blazed concrete of the road and pain sears through my sides and world starts to blur and things start to fade and eyes start to water but feet don’t stop because of passion of your ardour and the perseverance finally yields and you, my beloved love, my overflowing bounty of nectar in famine, my prized elixir of existence; you finally come within the grips of my hands!!!

And then I throw away the cap shrouding your lips from me, and finally I am able to feel those delicious rims of your smile, as the joy of your drink flows into my mouth.

Yes, Mangola never tastes better than when you are in real thirst of it.


Sahil Khamosh said…
Hey...absolutely brilliant mate...i dont know how i missed this one. U really don't allow the reader a chance to figure it out, amazing narrative flow.
Hellbound. said…
I was about to say 'Why the majnu-ness', when I read my 'fingers inches away from your neck'...made me read more.
And Katrina Kaif couldn't have done justice to the Aamsutra contender!

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